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{article/topic_title} Radio Gets Wild Shop now open

Posted by inanglia on (1039 views)

Radio Gets Wild New Store now open with load of different gifts to buy.

Including T-Shirts, Mugs, Hats, and even a clock. A special calendar is in the process of being created.

Please purchase something to help support this community or make a donation the button is on the bottom left hand side.

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{article/topic_title} New DJ & RGW Administrator coming Wedneday 4th December

Posted by inanglia on (950 views)
New broadcast D.J & RGW Administrator Coming Wedneday 4th DecemberRamoana from Florida USA

Ramoana plays Alternative / Glamrock and specialises in David Bowie.

Ram will be able to keep you up-to-date on all bowie news and events as she often tours the concerts. Also watch the galleries for some fantastic tour pictures.

Style of Djing well i can say she certainly likes to party when broadcasting and even sings along to a view of the songs. A show not be be missed. This will kick off on Wednesday 4th December 8pm till 10pm UK GMTime.. every Wednesay Night .

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{article/topic_title} New live broadcast DJ CHEWWY

Posted by radiogetswild on (1121 views)
New broadcast New D.J every Sunday Chewwy & Tracy from 6pm till 8.30pm

House Dance Trance and pure pumping sounds. Chewwy will come on after Tim and Dee you will need to reload the station. Many thanks for all the support all listeners gave last Sunday. The broadcast was a great success. For all broadcasting times please see the calendar bottom left hand corner.

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Posted by inanglia on (1345 views)

Games Room is under Services. There are over 65 games to play so have fun and enjoy

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