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{article/topic_title} Hard Eight Music available now!

Posted by hardeight on (1090 views)
CD's are available now! Hard Eight was founded in January of 2000 by Frank Marrero. Influence by Iron Maiden, Rob Halford, amongst a few. Wanting to bring the rythem of 80's metal back into today's rock/ heavy metal music and adding a Jazz style drummer to the mix.

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{article/topic_title} Masked Jackson stopped by police

Posted by inanglia on (1820 views)
Michael Jackson
Jackson has often worn masks and disguises when in public

{article/topic_title} MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

Posted by inanglia on (1853 views)
To all Staff and Members of Radio Gets Wild
Have a very merry Christmas
And happy new year

click the READ MORE for more details on Christmas and New year

From Tim & Dee

{article/topic_title} NEW POLL SURVEY PLEASE TAKE PART

Posted by radiogetswild on (946 views)
Looking for a better more helpful design to our front page.

Please take part in our survey about the main menu and possible new side blocks, so that we may improve our services.

You may vote more than once if there is more subjects you would like to see added please vote for each one you would like to see most.

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{article/topic_title} Press release Music Connection Magazine

Posted by radiogetswild on (2067 views)

Featured Artist Announced

A new Internet radio show, Featured Artist, has launched at www.radiogetswild.com. This in-depth interview show is hosted by Tony Pretzello, a longtime promoter who helped launch jazz/rock fusion music in Los Angeles. The show is Webcast every Wednesday at 9 a.m. and again at 5 p.m.