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{article/topic_title} NEW POLL SURVEY PLEASE TAKE PART

Posted by radiogetswild on (971 views)
Looking for a better more helpful design to our front page.

Please take part in our survey about the main menu and possible new side blocks, so that we may improve our services.

You may vote more than once if there is more subjects you would like to see added please vote for each one you would like to see most.

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{article/topic_title} Rocking Dave hits the big

Posted by inanglia on (2728 views)

Rocking Dave hits the big screen with full frontal force.

Dave is one of our new DJs to RGW BUT HATS OFF TO HIM or rather Tinsel wigs.

He finally managed to have his webcam working and created a storm of laughs on his now regular Thursday night 8pm till 10pm UK GMT slot. See read more for larger full size pictures. (I think Wisecat in his little black dress has got competition)

{article/topic_title} New in the Games Room

Posted by inanglia on (2387 views)

New games in the games room click READ MORE for details

{article/topic_title} Tins Ultimate Xmas Theme

Posted by inanglia on (1001 views)

Title: Tins Ultimate Xmas Theme

Size: 5182 Kb

Description: The ultimate xmas theme includes: 10 diff. xmas wallpapers all from 640x480 to 10254x768, xmas anim. cursors, xmas sounds, 2 xmas screensavers... 1 of them is a 3dfx, xmas start-up and shutdown pic. and lots of extra stuff. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THE SOUND FILES IN THIS THEME MAY BE DEEMED OFFENSIVE BY SOME. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING.
Click image OR HERE to download

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{article/topic_title} New Game in the Games room

Posted by inanglia on (1024 views)

New Game in the games Room, Santa's Ski Jump

Its just like being at the Olympics but you at the controls of just how far and stylish Santa will make his next Jump. Will it be a world record or will he land on his head ? That bit is entirely up to you so enjoy.

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