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{article/topic_title} Ivory Tower Project CD Release Red Hot

Posted by radiogetswild on (1851 views)


Listening to Ivory Tower Project is like taking a trip back to the 80s. Every song on Red Hot is destined to make those who grew up in the 80s have Deja Vu. Mark Regula has a voice that will stand up with the best of them and he proves that consistently throughout the disc.


If you are a fan of old school 80s rock, this will fit well into your collection… Written by elfslut in Mossip

Visit their Amazon Page and Buy the Album today

{article/topic_title} Micheal Jackson Died Aged 50 June 26th 2009

Posted by radiogetswild on (1617 views)
Paramedics who responded to an emergency call to his home in Los Angeles said that he had stopped breathing by the time they arrived.

Sources at the UCLA Medical Centre said that the self-styled "King of Pop" did not come out of a coma and died.

Jackson's mother and other relatives had rushed to the singer's bedside at the hospital, while tearful fans gathered outside.

Earlier, the singer's father Joe said he had been told his son was "in a bad way". Other unnamed family members said that Jackson "was in really bad shape".

{article/topic_title} DJ Ice Showcases Professional Brand through Cambridge Who's Who

Posted by thepawzcauze on (1845 views)

DJ Ice is known for her motto "changing the world one animal at a time" and her way of saying "good-bye" with the famous line "Pawz UP"

INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE, May 8, 2009, DJ Ice, Professional name Rev. Dr. Leigh Foster, Business Owner of Foster's Forum and The Pawz Cauze Show, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in all aspects of business management.

{article/topic_title} For The Attention Of Prime Minister Mr Gordon Brown

Posted by radiogetswild on (1920 views)

For the Attention Of Prime Minister Mr Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon

I have a possible solution on how to combat a fair few of the worlds problems as well as making it financially viable.

Most governments or countries look at a problem, raise the cash and try and solve that one problem.

What they fail to do is look at several problems and use those problems to solve and create an answer.

The problems we are going to look at today are: Starvation / Rain forest  / Endangered Species / Environment / Cures for Illnesses 

{article/topic_title} Marcus Goldhaber Says Take Me Anywhere With New CD

Posted by muzikman on (1700 views)
New York, NY - January 5, 2009- Marcus Goldhaber takes a variety of classic and original jazz tunes and turns them into gold on his new release Take Me Anywhere. As the title suggest the sounds on the new album can literally take you anywhere at any time. This timeless music with the sounds of traditional jazz backed by smooth and reflective vocalizations is reminiscent of early Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr.