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Welcome to Toolbar Gadgets 2 GO:

If you are using a Conduit toolbar but don't want to add another one to your browser, but would love to ADD some of the R.G.W. tools and gadgets, then this is the page to be on.

2 GO means simply just that, choose the gadget and click on it and it will be added to your toolbar. It can also just as easily be removed if you find it's not exactly what you was looking for. To remove any gadgets choose Toolbar Options from the main menu drop down on the toolbar. Then choose Mystuff and highlight what you want removed and choose delete.

The same goes for any features on any conduit toolbar, from options you can turn off any features you simple do not use to wish to use. All toolbars have the option to be easily uninstalled. They are virus and add-ware free.

We currently have 10-15 toolbar gadgets to Go and more will be added through the course of time ...Enjoy. and please drop us a line if there is a gadget you really would find useful but is not there.

We have had

Well over 2,000 plus people and many other toolbar publishers have already added our gadgets

The R.G.W Network Toolbar is a community toolbar, of which as well as using your favourite, you can add and switch between toolbars to keep up-to-date with many other features. 

Live demo Video Description

There are 7 Editors in all, which have the features and functions of a professional music mixer and editor to Photoshop, all direct from your Radio toolbar.

The first editor FLEXI Photo uses semi artificial Intelligence, of which I can only say with a few clicks of a mouse button the effects of which even a beginner novice can achieve is nothing short of breath taking.

The music editor has 10 channels with heaps of really great intro's middle and ending samples, with voice record you can easy make anything from a simple jingle to a 5 min track of music. (only drawback is to save your creations you will need a R.G.W. free members account. I have placed a community login username and password in there for you to save your work.. please do not abuse this and spoil the fun for others) All editors are drop and drag .

 To add the editor gadget simply click 2 GO button


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