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CPG-Nuke Dev Team

Dragonfly™ Multimedia The majority of the multimedia found in Dragonfly™ was designed by Paris Paris

Dragonfly™ Logo The Dragonfly™ logo was designed by Brian Monnone Brian Monnone

Menu Graphics A small portion of the graphics found in Dragonfly™ was designed by Everaldo Everaldo


CPGNuCalendar Provide an event calendar Kris Henneman (upgrades by Phoenix)

StaffList List your staff members here. Set up multiple usergroups. Espen Sjursæter (espsjurs)

AD Article Directory categorization module BrokenCrust

Social User created social groups bulldog

Instant Messaging v1 Instant Messaging for CPG DragonFly 9.x safecracker4hire

DonationsPro Advanced donation management © All Rights Reserved. Phoenix Resourcez

Domain Search Allow users to search and register domains through your site Kai Michelsen (Pitcher)

Downloads Pro Manage a categorized collection of downloads with this innovative and full-scale addon Trevor Eckart and DJMaze

ProjectsPro A module to organize and manage your projects Ported by the MwA Dev Team, code from

Broadcast Schedule Manage DJ's and broadcast times for your radio station DJMaze

GroupChanger Move user from one group to another Scetter

CenterBlocks2 for DragonflyCMS Manage Your CPG Dragonfly™ CMS Space Better! John Henning (tuta)

My Account Powerful member management system DJ Maze

dfmaps Dragonfly Google Maps RoninTech

DF Weather View current weather conditions from a list of cities around the world. BrokenCrust

Coppermine Coppermine Photo Gallery ported for Dragonfly™ by the CPG-Nuke Dev Team Grégory Demar

Quiz4U Quiz module for DragonflyCMS. Espen Sjursæter (espsjurs)

CPG-Blogs Allow your users to create their own blogs (online journals). Trevor, ise (update by Phoenix)

Classified Classified bulldog

Shout Block Allow site users to shout to one another. Based on original Shoutblock by Quiecom CPG-Nuke Dev Team

Metatag Manager Manages Your Metatag File BrokenCrust

Statistics Keep track of who visits your site and at what time CPG-Nuke Dev Team

NBBCode Admin module that allows you to update your NBBCode within your sites Admin Panel EHPDesigns App/Dev Team

StorezPro StorezPro - a comprehensive shopping solution. Phoenix (port)

Card E-Card, thanks to Radio Gets Wild for most of the graphics Espen Sjursæter (espsjurs)

DragonflyAds Advanced Classifieds - debugged, secured and enhanced by Phoenix - from NukeC (Sudirman Angriawan) Phoenix

NewsDisplay Search previously highlighted articles without violating the copyright. Espen Sjursæter (esos)

Content Create an organized collection of HTML pages. Dark Grue

Interview Interview module Mark Roper

MwA Topsites The MwA Topsites module v1.0.4.0 for Dragonfly CMS. Provides a nicely formated Topsite listing and an admin interface for your website. Ported from the now defunt matyscripts MSTopsites. Steven Sheeley & the Dev team at Myndworx Asylum

Forums Pro Forums Pro Bulletin Board by FPro Dev Team - a feature rich replacement for the Dragonfly CMS Forum - CPGBB FPro Dev Team - fixes by Phoenix

Cache Manager Admin Mod that gives gives you options to clear cache files. Great if you are developing modules or themes. Scott Arnold

Members Delete Marks Members as Deleted BrokenCrust

RSS Create nicely categorized rss feeds CPG-Nuke_Modified_By_Jordo

Todo Todo List D Mower (Kuragari)

Groups Manage user-based groups CPG-Nuke Dev Team

ProArcade Flash Games Arcade with variety of High Score APIs
Added graphics by Tim @ Radio Gets Wild
Bug fixes to coding and templates by RickC @ HopeToSeeYouSoon

Our Sponsors Create and manage advertisements for your site CPG-Nuke Dev Team

FAQ Create and manage a simple knowledge base Trevor Eckart

DF_Internet_Radio An easy way to play your favorite stations on your site. Original by Ported by DJDevon3

Weblinks Pro The Weblink Pro module for Dragonfly CMS. Provides a nicely formated listing of links. CPG-Nuke Dev Team & dotTC & the Dev team at Myndworx Asylum

CPG-BB CPG Bulletin Board by DragonflyCMS Dev Team and based on phpBB 2.0.x which is released under the GNU GPL DragonflyCMS Dev Team

POTD Picture of the Day (week/month etc.) module Mark Roper

DF MSAnalysis DF MSAnalysis 1.1.2 (Port of MS Analysis 2.1) MusOX

Newsletters Newsletter module to add last Forum Posts, Articles, Links, Downloads, Photos along with Templates, Email Parsing, and Auto-Newsletters. Phoenix (upgrade)

MReviews An alternate Reviews module - cpgnuke version by Scorchsta and Alexm, original by Salman Mehmood at Thalassemia.Com.Pk. Phoenix (port)

Surveys Manage Surveys to gain information from your visitors CPG-Nuke Dev Team

Combined Manage nicely Combined frontpage. Kai Michelsen (Pitcher)

Featured Content Slider Manager Featured Content Slider Manager GreenDay2K

BizStore Amazon store plus Adsense - based on ASM from Phoenix

Bigmenu Bigmenu bulldog

HomeModule Allow your users to set there Home Page PeLLaRaS

BD Directory Categorization of Businesses BrokenCrust

ContactPro Advanced Contact module for your DragonflyCMS™ powered website safecracker4hire

DF Multimedia Gives you the power to stream content on your DF site. EHP AppDev Team

Forums Centre Block Customisable Forum Centre Block Daimos

Crosswords Crosswords module for EciplseCrossword Puzzles BrokenCrust

Kudos Kudos Member Credits System BrokenCrust

DragonCast A Shoutcasting Management Module Original by Ported by DJDevon3

Private Messaging Send and recieve private messages with members

IRC Chat Allow users to access your IRC chatroom through your site DJMaze

News Manage news articles that can be sorted between categories and topics CPG-Nuke Dev Team

CenterBlocks for DragonflyCMS Manage Your CPG Dragonfly™ CMS Space Better! John Henning (tuta)

Recipes Create nicely categorized Recipes CPG-Nuke Modified By Jordo Adapted by pretzy


User Info Block Based on All Info Block by Alex Hession | Major Modifications made by DJMaze | Alex Hession
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