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{article/topic_title} Glass Wolfe, Live on The Featured Artists Show

Posted by jakobn on (2975 views)

Sep 10th/Sep 13th at 9AM and 5PM Pacific and UK Times.

Glass Wolfe was formed in 1998 by vocalist / lyricist Maria Glass and keyboardist / producer Philip Wolfe . Their Debut CD was released in October 2001 and has been reviewed in several international rock magazines and is selling in Japan, Germany, Holland. England, Spain, Brazil, France and the USA.

{article/topic_title} Music On Demand!

Posted by inanglia on (999 views)
New, music on demand from the Radio Gets Wild Music Machine... Just a taste of what's to come!

Download instant music of your choice, using our "Zina" technology. Click on "MP3's & Music Review" under "Services" in the Main Menu, then choose from a selection of great tracks from artists like Atomic Kitten, Aerosmith, Shakira and the Sugarbabes.

Plus! Classic songs from the Sixties era. Featured RGW artists like Paul "Sequence" Ferguson and Tom Fox. Coming Soon .. more featured artists and RGW Favourites. The songs you love to hear! But best of all, it's absolutely FREE!
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{article/topic_title} Nice Weather for Ducks

Posted by inanglia on (1301 views)
Nice Weather For Ducks - Very original video with catchy song by Lemon Jelly. The story goes something like this - an old gent is sitting in the park when he gets transformed into a magical world of dancing disco ducks. Quicktime version - Download
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{article/topic_title} Kazaa's file-swapping structure stymies opponents

Posted by inanglia on (2129 views)

TALLINN, Estonia - Their office is spartan, with only five computers in various states of repair and nary a decoration on the wall. Few outside this Baltic capital would even recognize their names, though many of the world's largest recording and movie studios are keenly aware of their accomplishment.

Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla and Priit Kasesalu are the creators of Kazaa.

Over the past two years, the oddly named product has become the most popular online file-swapping system in the world. Roughly 160 million people have downloaded the software, primarily to trade music, TV shows and movies over the Internet. At any given time, more than 3 million people are running the program, double the number that Napster had at its peak.