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{article/topic_title} Artist: Deborah Falconer

Posted by inanglia on (2209 views)

Artist: Deborah Falconer (www.deborahfalconer.com)
Title: Brave Like Me
Genre: Soul Pop
Reviewed By: Ben Ohmart

Deborah Falconer is a California-born babe who could look like Charlotte Rae on The Facts of Life and still wow every a-sexual mind in the club. Her sultry soul sound courses through the new album, Brave Like Me, like some kind of converted anti-heroine who has at last seen the light. She has the kind of voice in which it's possible to always find something new with each listen. She doesn't show off like Mariah Carey, though. No, her mood is intensely sexual, like a college student newly discovering life or a bored housewife who has just found that there's a world out there beyond the mailbox. But she is also cool. Always cool.

{article/topic_title} Songwriting Commercially

Posted by inanglia on (3477 views)

Songwriting Commercially
By Bronson Herrmuth, MusicDish.com

When I made the move from Iowa to Nashville in late 1983 to pursue songwriting as a profession, I did so thinking it would be an easy thing to do. No big deal. I was 26 and signed to a recording contract with RCA Mexico that did not expire until 1985. I was a multi-instrumentalist and fresh off several years of almost constant touring up and down the North American continent. Between the years 1974 and 1983, I had performed in Italy, France, Spain, England, Sicily, Crete, Mallorca, Canada, Mexico, in the Caribbean and all over the US. Lots of people loved my songs all over the world. I could not even imagine not being successful living, performing and writing songs in Nashville. To put it simply, I was fearless and if you have not noticed yet, pretty full of myself.

{article/topic_title} Indie News Beat - December 10, 2003

Posted by inanglia on (2185 views)

Finally, It's About Music Dot Com!
By Chris Burnett, MusicDish.com

There is an exciting new company named, ItsAboutMusic.com, that is making a tangible difference for independently distributed music of all genres. The success of this company gives hope to those who still believe in the viability of using today's technology to distribute good music - regardless of label affiliations. You could also see this as vindication for those legions that have been actively involved in relevant aspects of the Online Music Distribution scene over the last five years or so.

{article/topic_title} Finally, It's About Music Dot Com!

Posted by inanglia on (2129 views)

Leslie Clemmons - Stopping the World With Heavenly Vocals
By MuzikMan, MusicDish.com

{article/topic_title} Indie & Unsigned

Posted by inanglia on (2439 views)

Week of December 1, 2003

* Metal Militia Considered For Grammy Awards In 2 Categories
* Debbie Hennessey Included 6X On Grammy Awards Nominating Ballot
* Legendary Ska Front Man Neville Staple Unveils 'Rude Wear Fashions'
* It's About Christmas - Live!
* Focus Marketing Founder To Discuss Digital Music Marketing Strategies
* A Quarter Million Independent Recording Artists Silenced On December 2
* Sheryl Crow On Working With Michael Jackson
* Create An Independent Industry One Stop Powerhouse
* Musicians Raise Money For Cancer Research
* National Women's Football Association's "New Theme Song" "Girls Rock"