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Artist: Deborah Falconer (
Title: Brave Like Me
Genre: Soul Pop
Reviewed By: Ben Ohmart

Deborah Falconer is a California-born babe who could look like Charlotte Rae on The Facts of Life and still wow every a-sexual mind in the club. Her sultry soul sound courses through the new album, Brave Like Me, like some kind of converted anti-heroine who has at last seen the light. She has the kind of voice in which it's possible to always find something new with each listen. She doesn't show off like Mariah Carey, though. No, her mood is intensely sexual, like a college student newly discovering life or a bored housewife who has just found that there's a world out there beyond the mailbox. But she is also cool. Always cool.

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After a turn as a fashion model, she appeared in many films you know: Short Cuts, The Last Party, Mr. Bluesman, Pyrates, Brotherhood of the Gun, The Doors and others. Thing is, after listening, you wonder why it took so long to get a CD released. She's a natural... No wonder she's got so many 4 star ratings on

Watch out Shania. She's stepping into your territory with 'Show of Hands,' a country crossover ballad that is so simply done, it's one of the most beautiful tracks here.

Tears are all around
Like birds dying
Like words trying to
Get through somehow
I know where I stand
And I know that I need
A show of hands

So, if Deborah doesn't become a singing sensation, there's something wrong with the system.

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Artist: Various
Title: Ho Ho Ho Spice (
Label: Volunteer Records
Genre: Rock/Alternative/Seasonal
Notes: 2 CDs Limited Edition of 5,000 Copies
Reviewed By: MuzikMan

Did you ever wish you had a truckload of disposable income with which you could help other folks that were less fortunate than you were? I have always felt that way. I am a working stiff like everyone else, laboring day and night just to keep my head above water and support my family. There is one thing I can do to support a good cause, it is through a music review to help promote a CD! Like this two CD set titled Ho Ho Ho Spice.

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Volunteer Records and Saint Barnabas Hospice and Palliative Care Center & Van Dyke Hospice decided to join forces to create this assorted musical project to generate funds for the organization. 'Tis the season and what better way to give than treating a music lover you know to this seasonal indulgence? This really is a magnificent holiday album. You will recognize some names readily and some you will not, but none of that matters. The cause is the most important thing.

I felt blessed that I was invited to help with this project, and the fact that I am one of the 5,000 people on the planet to have a copy of this ambitious and spirit filled musical adventure is a true gift. This is certainly the most dissimilar and wide-ranging collection of holiday tracks I have ever heard, and what a collection it is! Forty-nine tracks in all. I have to admit it; I dread the onslaught of holiday releases every year, so far it has not been overwhelming this season. This release put me in a good spirits.

Instead of putting money in the pockets of a retailer or one specific artist, I am doing something worthwhile for the greater good of humanity. Someone else in need will appreciate all the work the people involved with this project contributed to make this music a reality. This is what the season of giving is about my friends. I am writing this to encourage every one of you to dig a little deeper in your pockets this year to support this worthwhile cause.

This collection has it all, traditional music, not so traditional, traditional with an alternative rockin' twist, there is something for everyone in this musical stocking, just take your pick and get in the mood, what you give you shall receive.

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Artist: Serah (
Title: Late Harvest
Genre: Pop
Reviewed By: Ben Ohmart

There is a delightful spiritualness to Serah's new album that is sadly lacking from most pop CDs now. It isn't necessarily the words she uses. For instance, the opening words to the starter, 'I Think I Know,' looks as if Ms. Spears could be doing it:

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You're everything I wish that I could be
And now I've got a million songs inside of me
I'm wonderin' is it you or is it me?
I think I know, I think I know, I think I know...

But no. Not with Serah's delivery. She has that quality of 'a smile in the voice' that has been missing since the 70's when Karen Carpenter was doing it to perfection. Listen to the fresh air cover of 'Sailing' and feel the happiness that exudes from that song. Feel the wind rushing through the hair.

Then there's the Fleetwood Mac romantic pang to her own 'Joined at the Wing,' a great and complex arrangement of a tuneful sentiment:

I've always loved you in wonder and awe
Now the honeysuckle calls
To comfort and heal you if you will allow
This kind song to heal you now
To love you, to love you, to love you

Serah will also recall to you the better elements of the Breakfast in America album. Her production budget and technique is far superior to most of the indie that's out there. At least I don't Think she's signed up. Who knows why. This singing babe knows more tricks than the rabbit that steals cereal.

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Artist: Porter Harp (
Title: Drinking Season
Genre: Lazy Rock
Reviewed By: Ben Ohmart

Porter Harp, singer, guitarist and songwriter of Drinking Season, is not in a hurry. His atmospheric electric guitar music may not appeal to the pop princesses of the day, but anyone who was ever influenced by Pink Floyd and the un-ego portions of Oasis will be pleasantly surprised by Drinking Season.

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Some call it Americana space music. The important thing is that this sound is not more condiment than hamburger. They aren't relying on the background beat or fuzz or extra mix/instrumentation to carry a drudge of a song over into something memorable. They begin with the melody, as all lasting songs should.

Take the watusi beat of 'Cary' which puts in that double, sort of echoey lead vocal in front of web drums that splash your pants legs. Next comes the country bar sound with 6 and a half minutes of 'Papa Said,' via steel strings and gentle harmonies and plenty of stretched string guitar breaks. Don't forget the rolling, steady drum work like something off of a Dylan basement tape.

This here's pensive man's music, with plenty of pauses (without actually stopping the sound) to give a good thunk at life. Because of that, the CD has the perfect title. You want to get smashed while listening to this, whether you're living a happy life or not. Take a listen to the mp3 now on their site. Grab a bottle. You'll see.

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