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{article/topic_title} Indie Rockers Elusive Parallelograms Release Modern Splendor

Posted by muzikman on (2565 views)

September 13, 2011-Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The indie rock band Elusive Parallelograms has come a long way in a few years and as their most recent release Modern Splendor will attest, they are poised to take on the world and get signed to a major label any day now.

{article/topic_title} Mike McGuire Releases Country- Americana Classic Beyond The Ark

Posted by muzikman on (2141 views)

Louisville, Kentucky-August, 31, 2011-Mike McGuire’s guitar and voice unify to create a new classic for Country and Americana fans to enjoy titled Beyond The Ark

{article/topic_title} Mike Zito’s “Greyhound” Leaves The Station On July 19, 2011

Posted by muzikman on (1731 views)

Sherman Oaks, CA – July 13, 2011- Eclecto Groove Records proudly announces the release of award-winning Texas-based songwriter/guitarist/singer Mike Zito’s “Greyhound”, on July 19, 2011, his 3rd release for the label...

{article/topic_title} Ed Hale Releases New Single “New Orleans Dreams” That Shines Spotlight On Th

Posted by muzikman on (1701 views)

New York, New York-July 5, 2011- Ed Hale is known for being a musician and singer/songwriter, however there is more to his music than meets the ears. On his last solo studio recording Ballad on Third Avenue, a rousing collection of alternative pop-rock acoustic tracks, he sings about love and all the emotions that are forthcoming.

{article/topic_title} Franck Carducci Releases Progressive Rock Recording Oddity

Posted by muzikman on (1711 views)

Amsterdam, Netherlands-June 15, 2011- Franck Carducci started to play music at the tender young age of 5. He grew up in a family where music was a way of life. This influenced him in such a way that he would become the multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, guitar, drums, etc.) that he is today...