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Welcome to Radio Gets Wild an Interactive community radio station with many  services and special online features.

Award Winning Toolbar 2008-9 Here’s what Toolbar judges had to say about it:

The Coolest Conduit
And the winner is... The Radio Gets Wild Toolbar

Radio Gets Wild is an interactive online community radio station featuring online DJ broadcasters and music by independent and unsigned musicians from around the world. It's a place for DJs and aspiring musical artists of all genres to promote their bands, get airplay, and otherwise showcase their talents.
Our panel of judges was wowed by this toolbar’s functionality, promotional efforts, and community energy.

"The Radio Gets Wild Toolbar really maximizes on all of our out-of-the-box offerings. I'm especially impressed with the toolbar's Gadget windows, which showcase so many features of relevance to the RGW community: Music players, Jukebox, Voice and Video Recorders, and Webcam Help Desk. Awesome!"
– Guy Malachi, Product Manager

"As an aspiring musician (piano player), I am floored by the functionality of this tool and the dynamism of the community it serves. RGW is all about the freedom of music and the right to be heard, and the toolbar is a fantastic way to further that very noble cause."
– Ed Eshel, Support & QA Manager ..

"The Radio Gets Wild Toolbar is promoted in so many different ways, and from several different places on the Website – on the homepage and inside pages, with banners of different shapes and sizes, and on the Main Menu Freebies list. The extensive promotional efforts account for at least part of the reason for the high number of downloads!"
– Brock Kaye, Director of Business Development

Last but not least, here’s what the creator of the Radio Gets Wild Toolbar and Station Founder Tim Daymond, had to say about it:
"The Radio Gets Wild Toolbar enables us to connect both members of our community and the general public to our station, tapping them into a constant stream of great new music that might not otherwise get heard. The toolbar is one of our site's best assets!"
Congratulations, Tim!



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