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Hi all My name is Ian Wally born 14th May 1956 makes me something teen but hey whos counting. Live in a small village in Leicestershire (so small all we have is one office..the pub) Married to Jan (the legend) for 17yrs. 3 boys George Chris & Dan.

Spent most of my life behind the wheel of an arctic truck, 18yrs driving around Europe never at home much, Now a sales rep with an area Lands End to John O Groats & the whole of Wales. Guess what!! still not at home much in the week.

I love any type of music BUT some of the modern HH and R&B leave me with a Main area Blues/Rock/70s Disco/Soul and current chart oh yes a bit of Reggae for my Chris.

If youre listening in to my show anytime, please drop me a line, enter our chat room (which is policed and safe for the kids) or send me a message via Yahoo Messenger rgwonair

I really would love to hear from you. Regards WALLY xx


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