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There is clear evidence to link the breed to Tibetan monasteries and to the houses of Tibetan nobles, where they were kept as both guard dogs and pets. In Tibet, the Lhasa Apso was typically given as a gift -it was viewed as a bringer of good fortune. Lhasa Apsos were rarely, if ever, sold.

The Lhasa Apso is thought to have first appeared in the United Kingdom as early as 1854. However, there was much confusion in the early years between the breeds we now know as the Lhasa Apso and the Tibetan Terrier. Indeed, at the turn of the 20th Century they were classified as a single breed - known as the Thibetan, Bhutan, Bhuteer or Lhassa Terrier. Despite this classification there were clearly two different types, based on size and coat. The first recognisable 'description' of the Lhasa Apso, written by Sir Lionel Jacob, was published in 1901 - under the name Lhassa Terrier. By 1908 the breed had Championship status on the UK show circuit, but with classes separated by size.

1934 saw the establishment of the Tibetan Breeds Association, with the aim of drawing a distinction between the various Tibetan breeds. The Association subsequently issued the first Lhasa Apso Standard in the same year. There were very few 'true' Lhasa Apsos at this time. Just 12 were exhibited at Crufts, and 14 at the Ladies Kennel Association, in 1935. And just 10 were registered with The Kennel Club in that year.

The Lhasa Apso took some time to recover in the post-Second World War years. New blood was imported, initially from Tibet while this was still possible before the movement of dogs was banned by the Chinese, and later from India and the USA. By 1956 the breed had grown sufficiently in strength for Lhasa Apso owners to break away from the Tibetan Breeds Association. The Kennel Club gave approval to the formation of a Lhasa Apso Club on 18 December of that year.

The Lhasa Apso was renamed in 1959, the name 'Tibetan Apso' bringing it into line with the other recognised Tibetan breeds - Mastiff, Spaniel and Terrier. Championship status was granted by The Kennel Club to the Tibetan Apso in 1965, with 9 sets of Challenge Certificates available in that year.

The name reverted to 'Lhasa' Apso in 1970, a year which also saw the formal establishment of the Lhasa Apso Club as it is today. The Standard was revisited and re-published in 1973, and again some years later (the 'modern' standard).

In 1984, Ch Saxonsprings Hackensack became the first Lhasa Apso to win Best In Show at Crufts - a feat that remains unique in the breed.

About Mr Waffles:

Mr Waffles was one of seven puppies born to storm. they all had a very healthy start to their life and the whole litter turned out to be extremely nice and most of them went to show homes. "Mr Waffles" who was then known as Will went to a lady who already has and shows lhasas, but after a brilliant start to his show career Mr Waffles decided that showing wasn't for him !!

After several discussions with his breeder they both felt that he would be more suited to a family life as opposed to a show home, so he went to stay with a very good friend of the breeders until a suitable "forever home" could be found for him, and that is where I come in !! My name Is Tim, and I rang Linda who is a member of the Lhasa Apso Club, and is also their rescue officer, and although she had no rescues on her books at present, she did know of a dog who wasn't a rescue as such, but she felt that he might be suitable for me, anyway, to cut a long story short, Linda made some phone calls to his breeder telling her about me and I was invited up to be "Vetted" and to meet Mr waffles. and the rest is history!!

My partner Dee and I picked him up took him back to Norfolk and he is now my radio stations official mascot and you can follow his daily antics on face book and twitter ! Although not a "rescue" dog himself, We decided that Mr Waffles could help raise funds for "Lhasa Apso Rescue" which is run by Linda, and it helps all the dogs who end up going through rescue for one reason or another. To make a donation, log onto the Lhasa Apso club, go to the rescue officer link where you can make a paypal donation. Please help if you can, whether it be just a couple of pounds or a couple of dollars... every little helps.

Mr Waffles is now 4 years old,, and I am glad to say he has found his "forever home ! "and is having the time of his life being top dog !! he is and will be given 100% unconditional love, care, and attention..

Welcome to your new home Mr Waffles , lots of love from Tim an Dee and all those connected with R.G.W. !!


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