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 Well where do I start....

I was born on 6th June 1986 and sadly I died on 3rd May 2006, but this cat can still Rock.

Dee was at my beck and call for best part of 20 years and oh boy did I run rings around her. I had to let her think she was the boss, but secretly she was my puppet and I could always pull the strings with a simple helpless look.

I may look mean in my photos but that was because I was forced to pose for the DJ photos and I was in the middle of my supper at the time.

I always took charge of the Tim and Dee show on a Sunday (secretly my show but needed people to front it) my show timing was purrfection I was already sitting on Dee's lap at precisely 2.55pm ready for the 3pm start. Never needed prompting I was a true professional and you can here my show input on all their recorded shows from those early days. Yes 6 years of shows and I never had a weekend off, even on my birthdays I was at my post ready and willing.

I did enjoy the R.G.W. parties and I had the whole crowd looking after me. I think I can honestly say I stole the show at these get togethers, not that I am one to boast, but a cat has to ensure that humans know their place in the purring order of things. If you don't believe me check out the RGW party photos from 2005 this cat took centre stage.

Well sadly I am no longer around to voice my opinion, but I am very much a part of the RGW family and take my place with pride as the R.G.W. Mascot and that's why you see me on the "DJ On Air" block when no live broadcast is on.

So to all those reading this that never had the pleasure of meeting me or hearing me, all I can say is you missed out one of a hell of a cat broadcasting.


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