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I have been DJing with a mobile show for the last 25 years and have always wanted to have a try at broadcasting. With a 20,000 strong record collection I can place together any type of show. Since creating this community of broadcasters and listening members we have had heaps of fun.

Its been a real team effort and extremely rewarding not just for myself but for all the team and the members of R.G.W. Members bring their children to this site as we keep it clean and fun for all family members. Many family's are sometimes spread all over the world. This community helps bring those that are far away closer together as a main meeting place.

R.G.W. is about having fun relaxing and meeting new people. A friendly community where members help each other. Its also an amateur to proffessional broadcasting station where members themselves can have a go at broadcasting there own show. All broadcasters soon learn that no one is perfect we all make mistakes (including me even with DJing for so long). So all team broadcasters pull together and help each other. With this attitude it brings our community closer together.

With taking on broadcasting as a new experience you have the chance to learn many different things. Making jingles for your show, using a twin virtual CD player, creating your play-lists for broadcasting. Where to find the music for your show to ripping CD tracks into MP3s.

We have the software and give help and advise as to how to go about setting up. Many of the broadcasters on this station have had NO experience, but once set up and settled in they have found it an extremely rewarding experience and are very proud of the community and all of the achievements that everyone has successfully created.

best wishes from

Station Founder Tim Daymond

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