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Once upon a time in the wild wild west center of the Netherlands there was born a crazy guy. He was named Maarten but also known as DJ Maze. In his youngest years he did almost everything that was forbidden: Smoking joints, drinking and driving at 14 years of age and messing around on the internet at 16.

In his 8th year he bought his first record and in his 14th year he started his own drive-in show.

A lot of parties later he got a international diploma for Wind surfing teacher, and teaching young (and old) people the good feelings of windsurfing all over the world.

Between that he also managed to get a motor mechanic diploma to fix his car along the way.

Driving in his Austin mini he found a great sailing school where he still works in the summer.

The school has his own pub and a lot of beer is spilled there on his amazing student parties.

He hated the CD Players and started to build his own DJ software, and another guy installed a computer in that pub. The software became good and was placed online a year later.

Now the software is one of the best on the internet, also due the price (free or a small fee)

He still loves to play music and is DJ-ing around sometimes and now even on one of the best internet stations: Radio Gets Wild


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