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What about me? Not much to tell ! Hippie in the 60s, Long haired, pot smoken, Tree huggin hippie in the 70s, The 80s almost cut my hair and became a redneck, but just in the nick of time Bruce Hornsby comes along with a great sound and writing that makes you hang on ever word. And thank God that got me back on the right track, Well in music anyway! In 1982 I watched Austin City Limits for the first time!

Its a PBS (public broadcasting stations) weekly hour long TV show with nothing but great music! all types of music! This show has been a music life changing Experience for me ! Blues Jazz, Swing, Country, Bluegress Honkey tonk, and a lot of other stuff too ! Austin Texas, the City its self is a mecka of some of the best Damn Song writers and Flat picker( Acoustic guitar players) The Likes of Guy Clark, Nanic Griffith, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Eric Taylor & Jerry Jeff walker just to name a few ! Now your saying who the hell is this guy and who are these people.

I have never heard of! Well I'm still just a music loving tree hugging Hippie, and these people are some of the Best writers and pickers there are anywhere on the planet bar none! So want to hear something new, then tune in I will be playing and sharing the best Austin has to offer, and a lot of other Kewl stuff too (Blues) you got to love some Blues! Music is a common thread that I think help holds this world together so come hear something new that's old as the hills! Thanks


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