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{article/topic_title} Financial Management for Musicians' Author Offers Tax Tips (Part II)

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By Doak Turner, 

[Question] What does it cost someone to get audited - fees for an accountant?

Cathy McCormack The better your records are, the less the cost. Sometimes we have to find court cases to prove the IRS does not know what they are talking about with our clients.

{article/topic_title} INDIE NEWS BEAT April 5, 2004 Edition

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* The Future Of Music And Video: Latest Legal & Business Developments
* Launch Of International Legal Action Against Illegal File-Sharing
* Registration Now Open for FMC's Policy Summit 04
* VPL And MTV Ink New Deal For Independent Music
* Disc Makers Kicks Off 2004 IMWS Southeast Showcase
* Metal And Hard Rock Music Videos For The Web & Mobile Phones
* A European Music Office In New York City
* Serving-Up The Best In Digital Music And Lifestyle
* Austrian Electronic Music Festival Visits NY
* Film Music Network Announces Jobs Site

{article/topic_title} Leslie Berry - Blue Storyteller

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This feature includes 4 Streaming MP3
By Ben Ohmart,

The new CD from prolific storyteller Leslie Berry, set for a March 8th release, follows her previous release No Cinderella, a fairy tale for the modern, jaded age. Though there are remnants of that person (especially in the very lovely, stand-out tune, "She's Not Comfortable Being Seen"), Was It Blue? is a strong mix of today's electronica style with the understanding of classic Elton John-type piano pop.

{article/topic_title} MECA Places Spotlight On Music Revenues & Artist Development

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An Interview with MECA Conference speaker Eric Beall, Vice President of Creative of Sony/ATV Music
By Anne Freeman,

Two issues have increasingly come front-and-centre in the debate over the future of the music industry: How do we make money in this new music industry, and perhaps more importantly, how do we find and nurture the new talent that will drive tomorrow's revenues. Sony/ATV Music's VP of Creative Eric Beall will tackle the issues head-on as a featured speaker on both Publishing Income (There's Gold In Them Thar Non- Mechanicals) and Artist Development (Where's The Love For Tomorrow's Stars?) panels at the upcoming Musician's Education and Career Advancement (MECA) Conference & Festival to be held May 12-15 in Chicago, Illinois.

{article/topic_title} The PrimeTime Sublime Community Orchestra Speaks to the Nation

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By Ben Ohmart,

The only thing worse than pretension in music is not having the explanations laid out for you. But in humor, if you call it absurd, you can get away with it just because it sounds funny. That is the mission of Paul Minotto and his eclectic crew of looping-noise- orchestral-narrative new music makers. All right, that might not be much of an explanation itself.