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Music WORLD5 have released their newest single “Maybe There´s a Way”

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On June 18, the pop rock band WORLD5 have released “Maybe There’s a Way,” their follow up single to “Man of Action” and the second song from their forthcoming album due out in the fall .
"Maybe There’s a Way,” is a mellow but intense ballad, that yet once again strongly reminds of Peter Cetera and the best tradition of great power ballads delivered by Chicago, Phil Collins, Sting, or Air Supply . "What makes a song resonate with people is when a writer connects with the listener on an emotional level. “Maybe There’s a Way,” taps into the universal theme of lost love and the temporary heartbreak people go through when a relationship ends. In short, it easily resonates with the listener. Its brilliance is in its simplicity. The chorus is catchy and even when you listen to it for the first time you are singing along with it before the song ends. The arrangement does not overwhelm the theme, and the vocals are high in the mix where they should be." Thom Jennings at the Lockport Union Sun and Journal "No other band in recent times has ever come this close to that successful powerhouse sound, able to transcend genres. I’m thinking of mega-hits like “Hard Habit To Break” or “You’re The Inspiration”. Songs that were at the core of what was to become the mainstream pop/rock sound of the 80′s." Rick Jam at the The Indie Music Magazine and Radio Network "Where “Man of Action” stood up and shouted, “Maybe There's a Way” leans in and croons. It is a heartfelt, touching song with hints of country around its edges and rock 'n' roll in its great, big heart." S. McCauley at Sonicsmashmusic The single “Maybe There´s A Way” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download #### About WORLD5 The members of WORLD5 are: Pat Hunt: (lead vocals, keyboards ; Katy, Texas, USA) Randy Miller: ( bass, vocals; Austin, Texas , USA) Steffen Goeres: (lead & acoustic guitars, trumpet; Wellington , New Zealand) Stephan Goessl: (saxophone; Munich, Germany) Raimund Breitfeld: (drums, percussion; Gothenburg ,Sweden) ARTIST CONTACT INFO: eMail - website - [ul][/ul] [youtube][/youtube]


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