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Music MVD and Original Spin Media to release the first set of SOLOS: The Jazz Sessions

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MVD and Original Spin Media to release the first set of SOLOS: The Jazz Sessions DVD series on March 23, 2010. Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Solos: The Jazz Sessions Lee Konitz - Solos: The Jazz Sessions Andrew Hill - Solos: The Jazz Sessions Original Spin Media and MVD Visual are proud to announce the DVD release of SOLOS: The Jazz Sessions series on March 23, 2010. The first three releases will feature Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Lee Konitz, and Andrew Hill.
SOLOS: The Jazz Sessions is a 39 episode HDTV music performance/profile series profiling legendary artists such as Lee Konitz, Greg Osby, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, John Abercrombie, James Blood Ulmer, Andrew Hill, Charlie Hunter, Phil Dwyer, Mark Turner, Mike Murley, Bill Frisell and many more. Each episode features complete musical pieces, insightful interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Designed and recorded for the viewer at home, SOLOS offers a front row seat for an intimate and unique jazz experience. Shot in stunning HDTV with multiple moving cameras and a medley of elegant, cinematic lighting designs, SOLOS: The Jazz Sessions showcases an exciting and dynamic variety of jazz styles – from the blues and boogie-woogie to bebop and beyond. Series creator and documentary filmmaker Daniel K. Berman says "...If I have any raison d'etre as a jazz television producer it's to put musicians in an environment that is not so familiar. Or, if it is familiar, it's different from what they're doing every night. Doing SOLOS is not just another gig, not just another night on tour. It's something special." As guitarist Bill Frisell puts it, "...When you perform solo, it just goes out into space, and you have to come up with ideas right away to follow it up. I learned to allow silence when playing by myself. There's really something special about one person sitting and playing guitar. I'm really happy with how this project turned out. Daniel created such an amazing atmosphere in which to play music." Berman conducts the interviews but leaves his questions off-camera to better focus the viewer on the direct words of the artist. There is no host, nor audience present at any of the tapings. This series is about the music. Hi Res Cover Art Rubalcaba – Konitz - Hill - Direct Link to Purchase: Rubalcaba – Konitz - Hill - Websites:
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