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How do I submit to the Directories:

1. Login as a member and go to the main menu on the left hand side and choose members links and then Directories

2. Choose the link Suggest A New Business

3. Fill in the form its basic straight forward details first Title

4. Choose the category you want to place business in.

5. Fill in the rest of your details i.e. Address* Town* County Postcode* Telephone* Fax Website Email Summary of Business*

6. Give your Business a description using the bbcode editor (don't forget this could also mean anything from a picture to a personal message via recorded youtube or myspace video.

7. Choose suggest button your entry will be pending admin approval Please place your free entry's in The Directories Today ..

From your website links to description of services . Extra services are available Like entries in bold / highlighting and front page placement. Basic submission is free i.e. company Name and Address

What's the entry form look like it complicated ? No its simple straight forward one, but if you have any problems we can place the entry for you see screenshots below.

Screenshot entry

Screenshot Form

Basic Plain entry is Free or you can upgrade your account to  premium

The B.D. is rich with features that not only offers a platform of advertising and promoting your company but a place to put samples of services or even buy now widgets

We don't do half entries or small entries you get the choice of a full page with all the whistles and bells. Even if your not very handy with a computer we can arrange the page and lay out for you for a little extra to give your company polished professional appearance.

Page set up If your not very good with computers and need help

If you need additional art and graphics work i.e. Banners  /  Logos / Headers that can be arranged costs depends on your personal needs.

Directory promotion The BD is submitted to all the big and small search engines and also has its own RSS feeds which are also submitted to all the portal Directories. Jingle airplay promoting the directory  is in constant rotation on the radio.

The Directory is large how will people find my entry. We have a very powerful website search engine that is built in. By making sure your entry has all the key words you need to be placed as well as the entry itself the search engine will find it.

What if my business doesn't fall into any category that you have: Simple drop us an email and we will create one for you.

My business comes under more then one category can I have more then one entry and if so how many: Yes you simple place another submission up to and no more then 4 for premium members.

Visitors and customers can rate your services | Place comments of recommendation

Have your company highlighted In Bold or colour have map directions or entry promoted on main page.

More features:

We also offer other forms of advertising  to promote your page Radio Airplay . There is a fee for jingle creation or you can supply your own, along with how many times you wish your company to be promoted. R.G.W. covers 220 Countries. Costs starts at £150 - Onwards depending on how much airplay you require or if any jingle work needs creating.

OTHER SERVICES NOT SEEN HERE Create your own on line shop / Events calendar / B2B /

Premium Members can also submit reviews / press releases/ on the website of your products and services, which goes out to all news portals and RSS Directories.