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Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas 2008

How to use the Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas 2008








Well first of all Merry Christmas everyone

Below is the help information on the multi pictured Jigsaw just in case anyone gets lost along the way.

This puzzle has a choice of 15 different Christmas Pictures and each picture you can change the level of difficulty from 5 to 200 pieces so it's good to go for all ages young and old.

This puzzle has been made as free Christmas present to everyone and can not be placed as a product for sale. Should you see anywhere that is please report it to many thanks.


What The Buttons Do

Subjects in red means you will need to be connected to the Internet

New Game button will give you a box with the choice of different pictures

Difficulty 5-200 will give you a small box with the choice of how many pieces your want your jigsaw to be

About button Comes up with a Picture giving details on who to contact should you wish to order a personal customised Jigsaw. To close this graphic simple click it with your mouse once.

Exit simply Closes the program once you have finished Playing

Sound On / Off will turn the background Christmas story off once you have heard it.

Ghost Image place a faint image of the Jigsaw puzzle picture as a background to help guild your puzzle solving

Pause & Resume will stop and start the jigsaw puzzle i.e. so if you want to go make yourself a cup of tea you can without messing up your quickest times and high score.

Preview  Turns on and off a small thumbnail image of the completed jigsaw

Top 10 Score you will notice there is a timer on the puzzle and any puzzle you complete in the shortest time a box will appear for you to enter yourname. This is so you can maybe have competitions within the family as to who can complete a certain picture within a certain time.

Save A Picture  will save a picture at any stage of your puzzle solving including the finished result

Chat Room Is the R.G.W Chat room where by when there is a live DJ currently on air you will find them in the room. This is a Java based chat room and you might need the java plug-in for your browser. You can find this at for the latest version. Or you can use IRC chatroom software like Mirc or Perch. Server details are Random server the room being called #radiogetswild

Win-Media Player will bring up your windows media  player with Radio Gets Wild so instead of listening to the Christmas story you can have the radio playing as the background music whilst you are solving your puzzles.

Real Player This is for those of you who don't use Win-Media but the Real Player instead. It will bring up your Real  Player with Radio Gets Wild so instead of listening to the Christmas story you can have the radio playing as the background music whilst you are solving your puzzles.

Radio Toolbar Once this will take you to the download page for the radio toolbar which is for Explorer & Firefox Internet browsers. There is everything on this Award winning toolbar from games to sound boards even music makers. So no matter what website you are viewing you can send us a message or tune In or play something completely different. Also newly made jigsaws will be placed in this toolbar for you to download in 2009


R.G.W Home is the Radio Gets Wild website home page

R.G.W. Join is the Radio Gets Wild Free registration Form for membership on the website.

R.G.W. Search Engine is a link to our Google search page on the website of which you can use for anything you are searching for.

Order Puzzle leads to the page on the website with details for ordering your customized Jigsaw puzzle


Well everybody we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a wicked New Year


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