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Hi My Name is Kaye or "Breezie" "A.B" or "Aussie" as most call me online. I hail from The Land Down Under, live on the Beautiful Gold Coast which is in the south east of my State Queensland, where its "Beautiful One Day and Perfect The Next"

Have been listening to music for as long as I can remember, and when an online friend Introduced Me to Radio Gets Wild a few years back, I was hooked, to be able to listen to great music and chat with people from all around the Globe at the same time I was in heaven!!

Have been chatting online for 9 years and made so many wonderful friends, since Joining The Crew at R.G.W. have made even more and been introduced to so much Music it would make your head spin!!

My Main Loves are The Blues, 70s/80s Rock n Roll ,Country and Blue Grass, Light Jazz, the Old R & B when The Queen (Aretha Franklin) Sings R.E.S.P.E.C.T. that to me is R & B

Music has saved my Sanity many a time and always have something playing when I am at home or in the Car.. Needless to say Singing In The Shower is a part of life..

Was around so much in R.G.W. they just had to offer me a job LOL Thanks Tim Muahsss have been working hard as Team Leader of The E Street Team which promotes all the Stations DJs, increasing R.G.W. Membership base.

As of August 2008 started Broadcasting every weekend and love it so much wonder why I didnt start sooner as it is so much fun to share my love of music with everyone, my shows change weekly, to include all the music I mentioned above, plus many of the Indie and Unsigned Artists I have formed friendships with, and promote and play their music as often as I can..

Special Thanks to the love of my life, my husband Leonard {Hillbilly-Leo} who was the best teacher to have, he makes it look all so very easy.

So Tune in now, your gonna love it and be sure to join me in the chat room as we have so much fun!!! HoooRooooo for now Breezie :-)


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