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RGW Chatroom

Hi and welcome lets do some checks before you start you need java for this room if you have not got it go here. Next please allow for pop-ups as the chatroom goes into a new window. (WE DO NOT HAVE ANY ADVERTISING POP UP'S)..

Choose from the drop down menu on this page (MAIN) that will take you to the Main RGW Chat

With that said you should be all set to have a great time. Look on the broadcasting schedule for when a DJ is broadcasting Live on air as that's when there is more likely to be people in the chatroom to talk to. Happy chatting everyone...

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Radio Gets Wild Chatroom

Welcome to our humble IRC chatroom.
If you don't like our java based room, you can connect using Xchat, mIRC or Trillian to #radiogetswild using the irc.starchat.net servers.

Select server:
Don't forget to turn off your popup-blocker first !
If there are connection problems try another server.

If selection box doesn't work click here to enter the chatroom

IRC commandInfo
/nick (NAME)Change your name into (NAME)
/me (MESSAGE)Sends (MESSAGE) telling something about you
/join (#CHANNEL)Makes you join the specified channel (for ex. #cpgnuke)
/clearClears the entire scrollback buffer of the current window
/msg (NICKNAME) (MESSAGE)Send a private message to this user without opening a query window
/ns REGISTER (password)Register your current nickname with the given password
Safety Guide For Chat

Chat Rooms

Enter our chat rooms if you would like to hang out with other RGW members online. Please make sure you click here to read our safety tips before using any of our chat rooms. Please note these chat rooms are not monitored 24/7. We do not tolerate any obscene or offensive behaviour in our chats.

Help & Safety Guide For Chatrooms

The internet and community/chat sites like ours are great resources, but there will always be people on them with bad intentions. Please read our tips and guidelines on this page to help you stay safe from identity theft, hacking, cyber stalking, harassment, bullying and internet predators.

Your Age

You must be aged 16 or over to use RGW, if you are under 16 don't use this website. If you find any profiles of members under 16 please use the link at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Your Personal Information

Never post on the web or give out in chat rooms information that can be used to identify you such as your real name, address, mobile or home number, school or work place. This also applies to your photos, make sure things such as your house number, car registration or school name or work place can not be seen in any of your pictures. Be sure to check your email address does not contain personal information such as the name of where you work or study. If it does get another email account such as Hotmail

Your Passwords

Never give out any of your passwords to anyone, even your friends. We will never ask you for it and be suspicious of anyone who does. There are always new scams being thought up to try and trick you out of your information so be wary, especially if its concerning your bank details or other financial information. No ISP, bank or web service will ever ask you for passwords or other details in an email or instant message. Make sure your passwords can't be guessed easily, always use combinations of letters and numbers.

Chat Rooms

The chat rooms on RGW are not constantly monitored. If you enter our chat rooms you could be exposed to conversations that you may find offensive. If you are unsure do not enter our chat rooms. The same common rules apply in chat, do not give out any personal information to strangers.

Other People

Its very easy to lie on the internet. Just because someone says they are a cute, young 18 year old doesn't mean they are. It's also very easy to post fake pictures and even fake videos. If someone looks to good to be true, they probably are.

Never send money or get involved in financial transactions with strangers

So you have been chatting to someone for months, your good friends and now they ask you to send money for their flight to meet you/school fees/(insert any reason that need cash). Don't send the money or you will be another scam victim. If someone asks you to help transfer money, don't do it.

Meeting People

We don't recommend meeting people you have only chatted to online. If you do want to meet someone you have only ever chatted to online, make sure you do the following:

Tell someone else where you are going, what time and for how long.

Always meet in a very public place and only during the day time.

Always take at least one friend with you.

If you think the other person is lying or you are unsure about anything walk away.

Bullying and Harassment

Often the best thing to do is ignore the person as they are just trying to get a reaction from you. If its happening on this site, you can block their profile to prevent them from messaging you. Most other websites, chat rooms and email systems have ways of blocking people. If the harassment is continuing use the link at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Spam and Junk Email

The best thing to do is delete them. If you are getting spam in your RGW Inbox use the link at the bottom of this page to contact us and we will investigate it. If its along the lines of making lots of money fast, delete it.

Keep your computer safe

Make sure you have adequate anti-virus and firewall protection on your computer. Never download anything from the internet without them.

Question everything

Don't just accept information you are presented with. Is this girl who wants to see you on web cam but she won't show herself for real? Is the man from Nigeria who needs your help transferring his dead fathers millions for real? Does the email your bank sent really need to confirm all your banking and online password for real? Does the person claiming to be a RGW admin asking for your RGW password or email password for real? In all these examples the answer is NO.

Be respectful to others

Treat other members with the same respect you expect from them. RGW does not tolerate our members disrespecting others, bullying, harassment, hacking, spamming, identity theft or fraud.

Final words

Be responsible while you are online and don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Remember people who you chat to online are strangers. If you are having a problem with someone on this site, use the link at the bottom of this page to tell us about it. If you ever feel in real danger from someone online then go direct to your local authorities.

Contact RGW

To get in contact with us please click here.



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