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England Norwich Today

Temperature Humidity Pressure Conditions Wind Direction Wind Speed
50.2°F / 10.1°C 99% 30.15in / 1021hPa (Steady) Clear East 0.3mph / 0.5km/h


Current Conditions : 50.2F / 10.1C, Clear - 10:52 PM BST Oct. 22 Wednesday . 22 1:00 PM BST Wednesday Night . 22 1:00 PM BST Thursday . 22 1:00 PM BST Thursday Night . 22 1:00 PM BST Friday . 22 1:00 PM BST
Rain 59°F / 15°C Rain 43°F / 6°C Rain 57°F / 14°C Fog 45°F / 7°C Rain 59°F / 15°C Rain 54°F / 12°C

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